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Adventures In Time And Space

I travel with the Doctor, and Methos is God.

11/25/13 08:27 pm - Who "Nose"

Yea, I just wanted to post so I could use that as the title. Why? BECAUSE TOM BAKER WAS IN THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL. TOM BAKER IS AWESOME.

I'm really REALLY still in love with that episode. I watched 3 times this past weekend. And, I wanna watch it again. I may watch it instead of Monday Night Raw tonight.

For those who didn't see it, here's the mini-episode that was released the week before, called Night Of The Doctor (ha, get it?). It has one of my all-time favorite British actors, Paul McGann, aka the Eighth Doctor.

Watch, then go find a way to watch The Day of The Doctor, because you will not regret it.
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